My Marin Muirwoods commuter bicycle.

I started bicycle commuting again in June of 2023 on my old 2008 Marin Muirwoods commuter bicycle, pictured above. A local bicycle shop got it all fixed up and ready to go after being garaged and having collected plenty of rust when we moved back down from Atlanta. Now I ride my bike to work as often as I can, logging hundreds of miles, reducing my carbon footprint, and getting some good exercise in the process.

My Priority Apollo gravel bike with a rack, panniers, and a kickstand installed.

I got a Priority Apollo gravel bike in May of 2024 to replace the Marin Muirwoods as my regular commuter. It's got a belt drive instead of a chain, which makes it significantly easier on regular maintenance. Clean it when you feel like it, change the internal gear hub's oil every 2,000 km / 1,200 mi. Plus, it's my first bike with drop bars, which makes me feel like a Real Cyclist™.

We also have an Electra Ponto Go! e-bike that we use for getting the little one to school and quick errands around town, like grocery shopping.

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