a day outside, a day inside.

monday, may 22nd, 2023.

We've had a positively lovely weekend these last few days. The weather was great. It was a taste of the warmth to come from summer, but cool enough to spend the entire day outdoors. Saturday, we nearly spent all day in the chillbo shwaggins we got last weekend.

The park nearby has a beautiful open space filled with tall pines. Perfect for running around while still having a nice canopy of shade to relax under. So we read and listened to music for hours while the little one played on the playground and frisbee & volleyball with other accommodating park-goers.

And oh, how the park had goers! I didn't keep track of how many folks we saw at this little city park, but it had to easily be in the hundreds. A cute couple cuddling together in a hammock, all sorts of kids playing, folks riding their bicycles. It's so nice to see so many people enjoying the out-of-doors!

Aside from going to the grocery store to get ingredients and home to prep the skewers we grilled Saturday night, I was at the park all day. All three of us got at least a little sunburnt, my partner the most of us.

back inside.

It was supposed to rain Sunday, so we planned to spend that day indoors and catching up on laundry. It didn't, but we needed to spend the day inside just the same. Partner was sunburnt, I was a bit sore from all the walking we had done.

So we gamed, we napped, and generally just had a relaxing Sunday at home. Ate plenty of leftovers, too.

I don't often get a whole weekend day of not doing much, so this was a real nice change of pace. I played computer games quite a bit, mostly these:

Mass Effect is one of those games I played a long time ago, but I've been revisiting the series after picking up the entire Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on sale for a pittance on Steam. It's been a fun romp, although wow— this game is kitschy! Also not a fan of EA inserting their bullshit launcher in my list of startup programs. No thank you!

On a related note, Tenacious D dropped the music video to "Video Games," the song that I mentioned they debuted at Shaky Knees a few weeks ago.

I suppose that's all for now. Back to the grind of the workweek, plus the kiddos will all be getting out of school on summer vacation this week. We're about to be significantly more busy making sure they stay entertained and out of trouble. I'm looking forward to taking everyone to visit my family on the North Carolina coast. This'll be my partner's first time visiting up that way! Very excited.

Until next time, be well! :)