house sold!

friday, may 12th, 2023.

I've previously written about getting our old house ready to sell. Well, I finally got it sold earlier this week! Split the proceeds with my coparent according to how much each of us had invested into getting it fixed and ready to sell, and put my chunk of the proceeds down on my current house.

That may not have been the optimal thing to do, given the spread between the interest rate and a return on the potential investments I could make with those funds, but paying down debt sure feels nice. Plus, that rate is guaranteed for a fixed mortgage like mine.

bicycle repairs.

I might have a little change leftover after all this is said and done, so I might get my old commuter bicycle fixed up properly at a local bike shop. It's something I could probably do myself, but I'll at least speak with 'em and get a quote for the work. These thoughts were inspired by reading this post on LOW←TECH MAGAZINE about the longevity of older bicycles.

book binding.

At work today, I had to print out a big ol' specification document for easy reference. The 1/2" stapler couldn't get through the stack, so I wound up punching three holes in it and using this book binding technique to keep the printed sheets together:

Anna Havron over at Analog Office got me thinkin' 'bout desktop book holders. I might pick up one for my desk, who knows?

I suppose that's all for now! Until next time, be well! :)