famicom translations & dumpsters.

friday, february 24th, 2023.

I've been on a NES-playing kick since I got my Everdrive N8 Pro flash cart in last week. Mostly playing the first Dragon Warrior game, which has been both enjoyable and grindy. I think my favorite part about having a flash cart like this is that I'm able to play fan-translated versions of Famicom games that never made it over here to the states.

I started playing the translated version of Famicom Wars, which is the predecessor to the series that spawned Advance Wars, one of my favorite strategy games of all time.

the famicom wars title screen.

It's so friggin' good. The underlying strategy mechanics of the game are basically untouched. This is kinda like playing a demake of an old favorite.

I also poked at the first Fire Emblem game, which feels like the best parts of the later games in the series, minus the dating sim aspects. I never could get into Three Houses with all of the between battle gameplay.

In other news, coparent and kids have moved out of our old house and we're getting it ready to sell. I've gotten a rollaway dumpster delivered and I'll be busy this weekend getting stuff out of the house. We've had some contractors in and out patching up the bathroom, then more painting the house in preparation for it going on the market once I've hauled away all of the stuff that's accumulated in the house over the years.

Not looking forward to all that work, but it'll be nice to sell the house and be less tight, financially. I've also gotta get taxes done and think about getting a lawn mower now that the weather is warming up.

But the evenings? They're for Famicom games!

Until next time, be well! :)