so hyped for shaky knees.

sunday, april 30th, 2023.

I'm ridiculously excited for Shaky Knees music festival next weekend. I think this is the first year that they've ever sold out, which is a bit of a bummer because I usually go for the whole three days but missed the opportunity this year. Well, that, and I wasn't sure if I could afford all three days and a hotel.

shaky knees 2023 poster.

Anyway, my partner and I are just going Saturday, which has plenty of acts that we're really hyped to see. I think we're aiming for:

I'm especially hyped for the ones in bold above. I'd be pretty hyped for The Mars Volta, too, but we're going to leave their set early to get up close to the stage for Jack Black / Tenacious D. Which is a bit of a bit of a bummer because their album Deloused in the Comatorium was a staple of my college listening experience back in the day. I feel like they'd probably be technically amazing performers, but I mean— Tenacious D. C'mon!

That's enough flapping about next weekend, though! What else?

Updated this server's OpenBSD install a few weeks ago. It was pretty painless, although I did take the opportunity to back up its microSD card. I also switched over to a business tier internet service, which means HTTP on port 80 is now open!

This weekend, my girls have been with us. We cooked them a big ol' breakfast yesterday morning, and I finally got to cook them a proper from-scratch meal last night. They picked fajitas, and I used a slightly altered recipe from The Joy of Cooking. Last night, they got me to watch Mean Girls for the first time. Wow, there's so many pop culture references that I just now realize came from that movie! 😅

A few folks from work got together to try our hand at some capture the flag exercises. I think it's gonna be a regular thing, even though I'm very new to that sort of thing. It'll be a fun learning experience, that's for sure!

That's all for now! Be well. :)