of monster trucks and piercings.

saturday, april 8th, 2023.

This is the sleepiest of Saturdays. Lots of staying up late and being irresponsible, but the chores are mostly done and it's rainy so we can just stay in and relax today.

Yesterday, I got an eyebrow piercing! I've always kinda wanted one. Anyway, here it is:

new eyebrow piercing!

We also saw a monster truck show last night, but I didn't get any good pictures. Rest assured, the engines rattled in our ribcages and our little one was beyond hyped to see those big ol' trucks doing wheelies and vaulting into the air.

lawn care learning experience.

Last Sunday evening, I bent my new lawnmower's blade on a bush stump that was hiding in the grass next to the house. One of the previous owners let the yard go absolutely feral, so there's a few of these lawncare landmines in the yard. This stump got jolted hard enough by the inertia of the blade that I could pull it out by hand afterward.

Since it was supposed to rain for most of the weekend, I went ahead and took some time off of work Thursday to replace the blade and cut the lawn. It was a pretty straightforward process, although sorting out my socket wrench set was a necessity since all the sockets were just jumbled together in the central cavity of the case. This socket wrench set is a Craftsman that my grandma got me from Sears to celebrate my high school graduation and it's still trucking along just fine. And it looks like Lowe's will honor the Craftsman lifetime warranty if some part of it breaks!

working on my lawn mower. bent lawn mower blade. new lawn mower blade.

Really happy to report that the lawn mower worked beautifully after I replaced the blade (~$45). It did take me a little longer to mow the yard this time than last time because I was incredibly careful not to hit another stump, setting the deck to 3" in the thickest parts of the corners of the yard and bringing it back down to 2.5" for the straightforward bits.

That's all for now! I hope you have an amazing day! :)