midweek, also chill.

tuesday, january 31st, 2023.

It's midweek, and things have been pretty relaxed this week. I've settled into a nice rhythm at work, and I've come to really enjoy cooking at home. I actually kinda look forward to it every day!

For dinner tonight, I cooked a creamy pesto pasta and it turned out INCREDIBLY. Had to save that recipe for next time, of course!

I've gotten a new bamboo monitor stand and a large desk mat to organize my desk a little better. I like that I can slide my mouse and keyboard under the stand so I can use my full desktop for journaling, art, or *ahem* paying bills. My desk feels really cozy right now and I'm here for it.

my desk, with a bamboo monitor stand.

Speaking of bamboo— somewhere around my coparent's house, I've got a nice bamboo goban. I need to snag that sometime.

I've been trying to wake up earlier in the week so I'm not leaving work in the dark. I know 7 a.m. isn't particularly early, but it's taking a little bit of adjustment to get used to. Since I'm still trying to get a solid 8 hours of sleep, that means I've got to be extra careful to not miss bedtime.

I can tell a significant difference between feeling well-rested and not. A lack of sleep translates to irritability and a sort of baseline anxious feeling that I can't shake. Not a fan!

So, yeah. Less staying up late because, obstinately, I want to goof off and reclaim my leisure time! I hope the benefits of good sleep hygiene will become so apparent that I can't talk myself out of going to bed at a reasonable hour!

Until next time, be well! :)