birthday & glasses repair.

sunday, october 8th, 2023.

The birthday party went really well yesterday— we had it at the park near our house and the weather was beautiful, if a bit windy. Plenty of pizza, cake, and sending the kids off to the playground to enjoy the outdoors. It was nice shooting the breeze with my folks and coparent's mom, too.

Of all the presents the little one got, I think she favors her new LEGO set the most. When we made our way back to the house, she spent the afternoon and evening building things and showing us. A helicopter! A dragon! A house! I almost forgot the wonder of six and seven year olds. It really warmed my heart.

My glasses, with fresh nose pads next to a repair kit.

The $7 glasses repair kit I ordered came in the mail yesterday, so I was able to replace the nose pad that broke off earlier this week. I especially appreciated the tiny tweezer set— it made setting the tiny screws in place a breeze.

spooky season, continued.

We went to a local costume shop on Friday and purchased some costumes for Halloween. I think this is probably the earliest I've ever been ready for trick-or-treating. My partner has a fuzzy James P. Sullivan-esque mask and a miniskirt, I've a peacock mask and a blue paisley long-tailed jacket, and the little one has an Anna dress from Frozen.

A movie poster for the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

We continued our horror movie marathon last night with Creature from the Black Lagoon. What a campy film that was! For such a short running time, it really felt like it overstayed its welcome. They showed the monster almost constantly, which was a big departure from our experience with Alien, which showed the monster very rarely. Maybe for a total of two or three minutes of runtime. Still, the gill-man monster suit was pretty neat— I thought the gills and mask were really well done and the film is definitely one of those iconic Universal Studios creature features.

I love this Halloween horror movie marathon tradition my partner and I have started! It's a fun way to spend the early days of Autumn, cuddling on the couch and watching some kitschy B-movie fare.

cyberpunk 2077.

Sometime last year, I picked up Cyberpunk 2077 on sale for $30. I played it for a handful of hours, then left it sitting in my digital library collecting dust. Since I've been on a play-my-backlog kick and they've just released the much-lauded 2.0 patch, I decided to give it another spin.

I've been enjoying it! It's still got plenty of bugs, like seeing characters walking around T-posing during a cutscene, though. Also: playing with mouse and keyboard made me realize there were an unnecessarily high number of key bindings. I switched to my gamepad and the input complexity went way down. Plus, you know, I can have a cat in my lap while I play. 🥰

I'm playing through as a blunt weapons brawler, trying to avoid the stealth archer archetype from Skyrim. It's pretty fun running headfirst into groups of enemies like the dang Juggernaut.

Well, that's all for now! We've a full house and plans to cook a big breakfast with waffles for the whole crew, so off into the day I go!

Until next time, be well. :)