the beauty of imperfection.

wednesday, may 17th, 2023.

I've never been the sort to sweep the floors on a weekly basis, nor wipe down the baseboards with any regularity. No, the grass gets cut when it's long and the weeds pulled when they start taking over. I'm just too busy to try to keep up with everything, everywhere, all the time.

When I sipped from my mug of coffee this morning, looking out the kitchen window, I saw a pair of spiders between the window pane and the screen. They'd built a few webs and caught a hearty breakfast. Were I the sort to worry about immaculate cleanliness, this sight would frustrate me to no end.

a house spider on my window sill.

Instead, I am awed by the show. In a way, this is our own little Charlotte's Web. It is beautiful in its own macabre way. What a blessing it is to be alive, here, now, to witness this particular slice of eternity!

These little bits of nature make me deeply, innately happy. I don't want to live in a cleanroom! I want to live where the ivy overtakes the cinderblocks in the corner of our yard. I want to hear birdsong while sitting on the old hand-me-down couch on our dusty porch!

There are a lot of things I'd like to do. I still want to build built-in shelves and get some nicer furniture for the porch. Plant a garden, till the old-growth weeds in the flowerbeds of our yard. But, in this moment, I am content to hold a warm mug of coffee between my hands and appreciate the calmness of nature. The tranquility and beauty brings a tear to my eye, and I am thankful.

I hope today brings a moment such as this to your life! Until next time, be well. :)