reading on my mind.

thursday, may 4th, 2023.

I've been reading Robert Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Past tense.

The book, being incredibly relatable, hooked me in the beginning but got a little long in the tooth towards the middle. I wound up DNF'ing it.

Man, I hate doing that, but not wanting to read more of Pirsig's book was holding me back from reading other books.

So now I'm back to reading Becky Chambers' A Psalm for the Wild-Built, which I've been enjoying immensely. I've also been reading Ben Rich's Skunk Works, which has me on the edge of my seat.

Also: I started a digital subscription to my local newspaper last month, which has been a really good way of getting my fill of news, local and otherwise. It's been really nice to read about what my local city council has been up to, plus up and coming developments in my region.

Getting a subscription to the local paper has been way better than perusing Reddit and getting angry at whatever claptrap hits the front page. The paper is much better written and vastly more informative. Sadly, fewer ads, too.

It's a shame that newspapers are waning in popularity as they have been. They're absolute treasures sometimes! I'm very happy to support my local journalists. Plus it's the perfect reading fix while I eat my cereal and sip my coffee in the morning!

Until next time, be well! :)