fantômes and a flattened mailbox.

thursday, april 20th, 2023.

I haven't written here in a hot minute! Perhaps I've made the act of writing overly daunting in my mind. Not everything needs to be some grand treatise. Sometimes it's okay to just write a few thoughts and be done with it.

Some time ago, I ordered a print by Lizbeth Poirier, who made the illustration for the cover of Vol. 2 of the Fantômes zine. It finally came in! Gosh, it looks cool. The black ink just soaks up light and the thatching is just *mwah*! 😘👌


In other news, we got back from a race around 1 a.m. Saturday night and discovered that our mailbox had been flattened. Bummer.

my bent mailbox.

Sunday, we heard the story from our next door neighbor who witnessed it. Apparently, some neighbors on the corner decided that towing one of those toy electric cars behind another car was the thing to do on a Saturday night.

a pink power wheels jeep.

There was someone inside the toy car wearing a helmet, and they managed to hit our mailbox and a car down the street before crashing into a ditch at the end of the road. They got up, proclaimed that they were "alright!", dusted themselves off, towed the toy car back to their house, and walked back to our house to "fix" the mailbox by pushing it back upright.

That description matches the, uh, scene of the crime pretty well! Out of the frame of this photo, there's a few of the street numbers that got sent flying halfway into my yard:

detail of the mailbox.

Anyway, I'm glad they're okay after re-enacting their own episode of Jackass. I remember doing stupid shit like that when I was younger. 😅

Until next time, be well! Especially if you're nursing a sore shoulder from the weekend's festivities ;)