still here– just vibing.

sunday, march 19th, 2023.

I've been AFK for a hot minute, but I'm still here and doing well. Just doing more than the usual adulting until things settle. Guess it's that time of year, huh?

Some interesting stuff I've stumbled upon lately:

Um, what else? I've been playing a LOT of Diablo III's Season 28. The Alter of Rites they added as part of the season added so many quality of life improvements. It also turned up the loot and character power up to 11. I don't know that they've left any room to buff characters any more, but this feels like a pretty great finale prior to the release of Diablo IV in June. I'm trying not to get overly hyped about a game that hasn't come out yet. But not that hard.

Wow, I'm hyped. 😅

That's all for now! I hope you're doing well. :)