rainy weekend and my NES.

saturday, february 11th, 2023.

It's been a rainy weekend so far, and it looks like tomorrow might be another drizzly day. I fetched groceries this morning, but have otherwise been goofing off around the house. I beat Bionic Commando last night, which I haven't done since college some years ago:

the bionic commando victory cinematic.

Played a lot of Castlevania III today, but didn't make it much past the bone dragon king before setting it aside.

I've been thoroughly enjoying playing my NES clone lately. Still, collecting the original carts can get prohibitively expensive fast. I've snagged a few of my favorites for reasonable prices locally and on eBay, but some of the well-regarded titles like Dragon Warrior III can go for $120 or more!

I wounded up ordering the Everdrive N8 Pro flash cart so I can play ROM files directly on my NES. I'll probably keep on collecting some of my favorites, as well as supporting new homebrew releases, though! It's sort of a frivolous thing, but I've really been enjoying playing some of these old classics and it keeps me off of my computer. I'd consider that a win!

I think I'd like to try my hand at some of those NES RPG staples— I didn't really get into RPGs until the Super Nintendo era thanks to Final Fantasy III. One of the nice things about using a flash cart is that I don't have to fool with a soldering iron to replace the CR2032 batteries that are reaching their end of life in the original NES carts.

I suppose that's all for now! Be well. :)