gym & sewer pipe.

wednesday, february 8th, 2023.

This week has been quite the mixed bag. Monday, my copy of Castlevania III came in the mail from a seller on eBay, but my hands are still a little sore from beating Castlevania Friday night to really play it in earnest. Still, I'm very excited to have a physical copy of it!

Yesterday, I made my way to the gym for the first time in months. I kept putting it off, hoping the New Years' resolution crowd would die down through January, but I finally talked myself into it. A few miles on the treadmill, nothing big. Just trying to get back into the habit of daily exercise. Went again this morning, too, but more to get a shower before work than to exercise.

Why? Well, last night the sink drain backed up and caused a pasta water leak in the laundry room and into our den. I think the little one has managed to clog the main drain line through liberal paper product use and Liquid Plumr didn't cut through the clog. There's still some drainage, but the pipe is like 80%-90% blocked. Anyway, mopping at 10 p.m. is not conducive to a good night's sleep.

A plumber will be by this afternoon. Hopefully it's a simple augering job that won't set us back too much. Oh, the joys of home ownership! At least it's not a weird 86.1Hz hum this time.

The days are getting longer and it's warming up, which means Springtime is nearly here! Happy to be outdoors more, although that also means I'll be keeping busy with yardwork on the weekends.

My partner and I went for a walk today and I'm getting excited about the prospect of us being one of those cute old couples you see walking in the park.

Oh! Some other neat stuff:

Until next time, be well! :)