exit fediverse, stage left.

wednesday, january 25th, 2023.

I wrote earlier this month about my struggles with social media and some measures I was planning on taking to reduce its harm on me. Turns out, I just need to cut it out of my life cold turkey. This is not the first time I've quit some form of social media or another, but this one's a little more painful because the folks I interacted with were the most like me of any of the social networks I've been on.

The fediverse I saw was one that envisioned a better future, one of mutual aid, of art, of people being their truest selves.

But— it's also got a strong undercurrent of pessimism. Amplifying the difficulties, spotlighting all the things that are wrong, fighting the status quo in all possible ways.

I had to separate myself from that.

Today is day 1 off of the sauce. It's always the toughest time when you're quitting something. The inertia of formed habits takes a little while to overcome.

But it'll get better! I've got to trust the process.

Thank you for reading— my contact info is on my wiki if you'd like to send me an email!

Until next time, be well. :)