sick day.

thursday, january 19th, 2023.

Had to stay home today. I've caught a cold and my nose is running something fierce. Just tested— it's not COVID. I don't have a lot of sick leave built up, so I worked from home instead of resting. Got a lot done, though. I always seem to accomplish more outside of the office than in. Still, it would've been so nice to stay tucked into bed and take it easy.

I finished reading Cory Doctorow's Walkaway today. I enjoyed it quite a bit! I really liked the juxtaposition of the utopian walkaway culture and its clash with a dystopian default culture. The clashes themselves were getting a bit long in the tooth, but the final scene pulled me back in and redeemed the book.

I'm still trying to read more this year than last year, maybe 15 or so books would be a decent clip for the many ways I divide my time and attention. Started reading This is How You Lose the Time War after seeing so many folks on the fediverse raving about it. The opening scene has some vivid imagery that pulled me right into the book.

Seems likely that I'll be taking another sick day tomorrow. Perhaps I'll feel better, maybe good enough to take a walk. I went for my first hike of the year last weekend, and it was delightful. A little under 5 miles, but I had my hat, backpack with the essentials, and walking stick so it felt like a right proper adventure.

I do so enjoy a good walk!

Until next time, be well. :)