bike tire blowout.

tuesday, august 29th, 2023.

I was riding my bike home from work yesterday and my rear tire had a blowout. I had just hit the stretch of highway where I can pick up speed to around 20 mph, and *pop!* my rear tire gave up the ghost. It'd been bulging a little bit but I wasn't really expecting the wire to separate from the sidewall like it did.

My rear bike tire had a blowout.

Alas, I'm out of commission (bicycle-wise) until I can get a new tire on it. I ordered a pair of 26" x 1⅜" Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires straight from Schwalbe. They've been shipped and should be here next Wednesday. That's pretty darned quick, but I'm still bummed I'm going to miss bike commuting later this week when the temperature is supposed to be in the 80s.

I'm real excited about those Marathon Plus tires, though! They're supposed to be darn near flat-proof according to many of the bike commuters on the Internets, if a bit slower than lighter-weight, more traditional bicycle tires. After having my fill of staples and road debris puncturing my tubes, I think I'll be okay with a little more rolling resistance!

thinkin' 'bout games.

Other than the bike tire blowout, things have been plugging along just fine. We've been eating at home almost exclusively, we had some plumbing work done to fix our shower and hall bathroom sink. And I've been enjoying the hell out of American Truck Simulator, strangely enough!

Since we've been minding our budget a little more, I have entirely stopped purchasing new games. I've got a large enough collection and it's about time I actually, you know, play the games I already own. I have a sort of paradox of choice thing going where I stare slack-jawed at my computer, unable to make a decision on what to play if I stop to consider the breadth of my library.

If, instead, I have a game or two that I hyperfocus on, those games start to feel comfortable like an old pair of bedroom slippers. And that got me to thinkin': what are the qualities of games that I find comfortable? I posit that there are several axes of qualities to consider. Here are some:

If I sat here for a while, I could probably think up many other axes of qualities. But, the evening is winding down and I think I'd like to put a thumb on the pulse of games I enjoy. Of the qualities above, these are the ones most likely to apply to games I find comfortable:

Anyway, that's quite enough waxing poetic about games for now. What scales or qualities do you admire in the games you play?

Until next time, be well! :)