bike fixed up and ready to go.

wednesday, june 7th, 2023.

I picked up my old commuter bicycle from the bike shop today! It's looking, shifting, braking, and riding beautifully. Took it out for a spin on one of the local trails to see how a few miles felt on it— and they came and went so fast it astonished me!

My Marin Muirwoods commuter bicycle all fixed up.

The fellow also sold me some panniers, tubes, and lights. I think I'll be ready to go for my morning commute tomorrow. 6.5 miles, then a shower and a cup of coffee and I'll be ready to get some work done! I'm beyond excited now but in just a few weeks this will simply be my daily routine, barring any particularly inclement weather.

Depending on how long it actually takes me to ride that far, this could be a little over an hour of daily exercise simply by getting to work and back. That's pretty dang neat. Nevermind keeping my car off the road and not burning all that gasoline to go sit at a desk wishing I could get some exercise.

Ahh! I'm so excited! Wish me luck and safe travels, please!

Until next time, be well. :)